Still Hip is changing…

This site will be shut down as I have partnered with CJC Strategists to form a marketing and design solution agency that can sever any size business. Please check out gabnap.com to see what we’ve been working on. The new CJC Strategists site will be up soon!


When I had my kids I left my life in advertising to focus on my family. I began designing t-shirts, using the name Hip Tot, for little ones with images based on the direct mail campaigns I worked on for so many years, like a burst with ‘NEW’ in it.

in 2006 a local mom and I open a second hand kids store with a community space, Still HIp. Along with store duties, I was in charge of branding and marketing. Still Hip closed it’s doors in 2011.

Hip Tot Music Fest was my next endeavor. A live concert series for families. I partnered with a musician who was responsible for all the bands needs and I used my skills to brand and market the events. The series lasted 4 years and received recognition from local news outlets and publications. The events were also nominated and awarded Best Family Music Event in Time Out Kids 2 years in a row!

Still Hip Vintage came about as a way to earn extra income by selling items with my designs and vintage goods acquired from my father.

Now we have come to another crossroads and I am excited to see where this new partnership takes me. I hope you will join me on this journey. Please check out gabnap.com.com to see what we’ve been working on. The new CJC Strategists site will be up soon!


Still Hip Promotions is a social media marketing and events company that focuses on the family market.

“Gabby is the impresario of family-centric marketing company, Still Hip Promotions” – Park Slope Stoop

“Gabby’s Hip kid empire, which began as second-hand children’s boutique called Still Hip, and has segued into a family-centric marketing company called Still Hip Promotions.” – Brooklyn Based